The vision of Stangeland Maskin AS is good and short: Leading. We will be the lead player in our industry. With our resources, our market position, our backbone, and most importantly, our customers, it is natural for us to aim high.

We are proud to have the best machinery and equipment. We are also proud to have a financially strong and supple spine. Still, our most important resource is our 700 employees, who make a strong, committed and professionally solid effort every day. It is our employees, together with our customers, that make us most proud. And it is our employees and our customers that make it natural for us to aim high with our vision: Leading.


To help us realise our vision, we use four values that are important to us: Work-pleasure, preparation, tidiness and efficiency. We truly believe that everything we do must be built on these values. Our four values are like the wheels of a car: All four are equally important, and there must be balance between them to have a safe, efficient and good day. In the same way a car is made up of many elements, each equally important for the car to function as intended, our 700 employees have different functions and tasks. Still, they are all unique and important to the end result of our work. For this reason, we have an active and targeted skills- and welfare programme that covers all people, positions and functions in the business. We also endeavour to be the best in the industry on safety. We’re not there yet, but we are well on our way.