Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in Stangeland Maskin

As an overall HSE goal, Stangeland Maskin AS conducts all business operations in a safe and efficient manner. The company will protect the lives and health of people and ensure that the external environment is not damaged. At the same time, equipment, facilities and production shall also be ensured. Stangeland Machine works actively, purposefully and preventively to facilitate participation, ownership, learning and development within HSE. We believe that in this way we will be able to achieve our goal of becoming the best in the industry at HSE.

We are convinced that good HSE is profitable. We will implement and continuously monitor the necessary preventive measures to create safe and efficient workplaces, prevent accidents and injuries and create wellbeing in the workplace. We believe that systematic, targeted work provides the best results over time. Therefore, we continuously evaluate our own practices. This is done on a daily basis and by periodic analyzes of present condition, results and trends. Based on these evaluations, annual HSE-K programs are developed that set goals, focus areas and concrete measures. Illustrative safety reports, weekly reports from Onsdagsrunden (weekly management inspection), and extensive training and information measures are being implemented. We also place great emphasis on being good at roadwork safety plans, digging permits, control plans and other daily routines, all contributing to establish a good foundation for a safe and high quality work performance. This is made known in all our activities and contributes to common focus, learning and commitment.

Today, we can not see our business without HSE being an important and natural part of all our planning, work execution and mindset. Therefore, we require that HSE to be planned and prioritized at the same level as production, technology and economics. HSE is part of our leaders performance benchmarking. HSE is therefore a clear line responsibility in Stangeland Maskin. This means that all employees are responsible for their own actions, for the safety of their surroundings, to follow guidelines and instructions, and to ensure that employees and activities within their own area of responsibility follow the same guidelines and instructions. The manager has an enhanced responsibility within his area of responsibility. This is set out in the job descriptions for the various positions in Stangeland Maskin.
Our commitments will over time show that Stangeland Maskin AS is the industry leader in HSE.

HSE goals:
No accidents or injuries.
We will be the best in the industry at HSE.