Stangeland Maskin AS has been both main- and subcontractor for large and small field developments since the early 1980s. We work for and together with most of the public and private builders in residential development in Rogaland.

Examples of field development for residential areas in Stavanger is “half of Hundvåg”, a number of fields in the Sunde / Kvernevik area, Godeset and Gausel. In Sandnes, we have been involved in projects at Maulandslia, Bogafjell and Håbafjell, and at Skadberg, Hålandsmarka and Tananger in the municipality of Sola.

We have worked for the Civil Aviation Administration, Norwegian Armed Forces, Braathens, Helikopter Service and Norsk Helikopter. We have built runways, taxe courts, installation courts, and sewage- and drainage systems. Internal resources also enable us to provide turnkey contracts, including engineering.

We build breakwaters for large industrial ports and docks, and for ferry terminals. We also do harbours, and we are known for patching, and for shedding natural stone on land, one example being Forus Beach Marina. We have also been involved in the National Road Authority’s ferry terminal in Mortavika, and the marina in Lundsvågen and Boganesstranda.
Our landscape department does assignments such as dredging and filling, including finishing details such as decorating with natural stone and plants. At Schlumberger, Statoil, Shell, Esso, Conoco, BP, Saga, Norsk Hydro, Elf, Amoco, Phillips and Halliburton administration buildings we have done all the basic and outdoor work, including plants, paving stones and bike racks.

We have also renovated and reconstructed old industrial buildings, such as Sandnes Støperi, Gartnerhallen in Hillevåg, Gann Graveren and Sandnes Aduserverk. Today these buildings appear as famous landmarks: Kvadrat, Kilden and Maxi to mention some.

Stangeland Maskin was the executing contractor of the Rennfast project and built roads, tunnels and bridges with a special challenge to the then Europe’s deepest undersea tunnel.

From 2014 – 2018 we are working in Joint Venture Implenia Stangeland on the E39 Eiganestunnelen. In 2014 this was the biggest roadcontract in Norway ever. Click here to read more about this procject.